Finding the perfect wedding venue

One of the first steps in the planning process is finding the perfect wedding venue. Over the past ten years we’ve been planning weddings in the South of France, we have curated a selection of the most exceptional venues on the French Riviera and in Provence. The venues in our portfolio are all authentically beautiful, impeccably maintained and located in stunning surroundings whether that be coastal or countryside. We prioritise venues that are within close proximity to a range of quality accommodation options, as well as a reasonable driving distance from an international airport.

Following on from an initial enquiry, we organise a consultation call with the couple to discuss their wishes, priorities and expectations. Following this call, we make venue recommendations in the form of an online client space which contains a wealth of information and images. After regrouping to discuss the options, we typically organise a time for the couple  to come and visit venues with us over one or two days. If the clients are not able to come to visit venues in person, we are able to carry out virtual visits via an online video conferencing app. We generally concentrate on the wedding day venue initially, but we also often explore options for the welcome event and brunch. During the visits we share our experiences of working in the venues, suggestions for usage of space, creative ideas for settings and also layouts.

To help couples really make an informed decision, we provide a line-itemised estimate budget to help them understand all associated costs before confirming the venue/s. The estimate is based on our understanding of the couple’s needs and expectations as well as historical data from the weddings we have produced in recent years. Once the venue/s selection has been made, final negotiations are closed and the venue contract is drafted. 

For weddings outside of the South of France, which is our area of expertise, we prefer to carry out site inspections of potential venues prior to visiting with the clients if we are not 100% familiar with the venues.

A small proportion of our clients have already booked the venue/s prior to securing our services, this isn’t an issue for us and we adapt our fee accordingly. The advantage of working with us from the outset for the venue find service is that couples enter into venue contracts with full knowledge of all associated costs not just the venue related budget items.

If you are beginning your planning journey and would like to organise a consultation call, drop us a line.



    Looking at getting married in September 2021 in France and would like to know how much you charge for your services and what is included.

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