Let’s play!

Because boules is the national sport in the South of France, K&M decided to round off their weekend of festivities in Saint-Paul-de-Vence with a fun match! Once the rules had been explained, and after a 20-minute stroll from the Mas de Pierre, everyone kicked off 2 hours of boules playing; accompanied by the traditional local tipple: pastis! A delicious blend of aniseed and liquorice. A sun-drenched afternoon in the South of France, there’s no better pick-me-up after partying all night and for getting over the aches and pains some guests were experiencing from boogying the night away. That evening, the guests enjoyed a delectable Provencal buffet at the Mas de Pierre– just another idyllic day in the South of France!

Photography by M&J

Let's play!_0001 Let's play!_0002 Let's play!_0003 Let's play!_0004 Let's play!_0005 Let's play!_0006 Let's play!_0007 Let's play!_0008 Let's play!_0009 Let's play!_0010 Let's play!_0011 Let's play!_0012 Let's play!_0014 Let's play!_0015 Let's play!_0016

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