The Key to Happiness

Every couple has their own story, but we found that of N&O particularly charming when we first met them in Cannes. One hour into our meeting and we realised that we still hadn’t discussed the wedding; we had so much to talk about and to share: their lives in London, their love of the south of France, work, friends, the list goes on. In this pair, we identified something that all couples are searching for: love, complicity, joy, a touch of craziness, a combination of cultures, many years of life together- without ever growing weary- a wonderful family, and bucket loads of friends! Above all, their wedding was an opportunity to get together and celebrate the union of two families during a long weekend in Provence. Among other things, there were bright colours, with, as the star of the show, the pink peony, ultra-chic guests, an officiant whose speech caused a few tears and numerous bursts of laughter, and freely flowing champagne! Their party was probably the best that we have seen up until now! It went on until 6am and sunrise over the Baux de Provence, but what an evening it was!

Photography by Rory Wylie and Alexander James ; Videography by Mark Brown

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