Welcome to Saint-Paul-de-Vence!

To get 120 people to travel from Australia and Ireland to the South of France, it really had to be worth it! K&M share the same passions and interests; namely French cuisine, fine wine and cheese! What better then to invite their friends and family on a trip to the South of France and more precisely to Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the birthplace of art, where Chagall, Montand and Prévert all lived: The very example of French-style “savoir vivre”! The couple’s family and friends all arrived at Nice airport in a jovial mood for a 3-day party! The festivities began in joy and good humour with a BBQ in the gardens of the Mas de Pierre: hearty, Provencale traditional cuisine, accompanied by accordion music and lashings of rosé wine “bien sur”! It was the perfect opportunity for the two families from two different cultures to get together. But the big party of course took place in suits and long dresses. It was in the shade of a tree that K&M exchanged vows, amid tears and laughter. This was followed by a cocktail reception with champagne and canapés, each more delicious than the last, accompanied by ukulele music. The dinner was the occasion for close family members to congratulate K&M, with a few anecdotes to make them blush, and even those close friends, who had been unable to make the trip, had their moment of glory with little messages they had given to the best man to share with the happy couple! The hipster wave which characterises K&M so well made its great come back during the dance party, where until 3am, we witnessed some devilish dance moves!

Photography by M&J

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