The world’s best restaurant is on the French Riviera!

It’s been quite a year for Argentina-born chef Mauro Colagreco and his French Riviera restaurant Mirazur. Voted the world’s best restaurant awarded three Michelin stars, and crowned Chef of the Year by industry peers… what an incredible accomplishment! Chef Colagreco is one of the many rising stars choosing to open a restaurant in the South of France, taking advantage of the local sun-drenched land produce and amazing selection of fish and seafood from the Med. The restaurant is located in Menton, a small, chic village close to the Italian boarder famous for its citrus fruit production namely the “citron de Menton” (the Menton lemon which has it’s own annual event). With Mediterranean, South American and Italian influences, Colagreco’s cuisine is refined yet far far away from the classical notion of formal French “nouvelle cuisine”. Something very exciting for us is that Mirazur can be privatised for exclusive, intimate private events and the team are able to cater for events outside of the restaurant. Congratulations to the team at Mirazur for all of their accomplishments and for making the French Riviera home to the best restaurant in the world! 


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